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Eczema Bye Bye was created to provide an all-natural and holistic super salve that rejuvenates and restores your skin if you’re dealing with rashes, itching, scaling, dryness, and pain that comes from eczema and psoriasis. We’re a Texas based company, and our products are all made in the USA!

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Hi! My name is Dawn Cox and I’m the founder of Eczema Bye Bye.Four years ago, two of my grandchildren and my stepdaughter were suffering from horrible outbreaks of Eczema. There was itching, tears, and the inevitable embarrassment whenever they would wear shorts and short sleeves.They had all seen multiple doctors and tried every cream, ointment, gel, patch, steroid, and shot the medical world could throw at them. The only result was a waste of a tremendous amount of money, frustration and frayed nerves

One day as I was explaining our troubles to a lifelong best friend, that’s when everything changed. She is a Certified, Holistic, Raw Food Nutritionist, and she started telling me about how adding pure superfoods, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to your diet would allow the skin to heal itself, and often heal eczema and other skin conditions. And she also told me about how applying certain natural ingredients directly to the skin could directly penetrate deep into the skin and provide powerful healing powers as well.

So, we tried it, and within only four days we had three happy campers with smooth skin! The itching had stopped, the flakes were disappearing and there was no more pain! We couldn't believe it. Turns out her ingredients offered a smooth texture that allowed much needed oxygen to get into the skin during the healing process.We knew we were on to something and needed to share this with the world. So, I went to work creating a natural salve that combined all of the natural healing butters, vitamins, minerals and botanicals in her custom formulation. And after months of research and testing, Eczeme Bye Bye was ready to share!

We had an all-natural product that provides almost instant relief and healing, and it didn’t have any MINERAL OIL/PETROLEUM, ALCOHOL, PARABENS, PHATHALATES or FRAGRANCES. (The very thing commercial products get wrong!)As we’re sharing this with the world, we’re getting emails and letters every day telling us how amazing this product is, and how much it’s helping people that have suffered with eczema and other skin conditions for years. This product has been a blessing for our family, and countless others, and we know it will provide the same natural healing for you!


Our mission is to provide a natural and effective way to treat and reduce the effects of eczema and psoriasis. There are a lot of natural creams and lotions out there, and on the other end of the spectrum, there are harsh steroids and prescription medications. We’ve taken the best of to give you holistic solution that finally works when nothing else has. 


Focused on natural solutions.

Mother Nature is amazing, and we firmly believe natural ingredients have the best healing powers. We never want to cause another problem by trying to solve the original problem, and with the side effects of processed and unnatural treatments, that’s often what happens.

We keep our promises.

Integrity is a big deal for us. Not just in our products, but also in the way we do business. We know there are a lot of companies out there that promise the world, and never come through. Empty promises are not our thing, and we back it up with our empty jar guarantee!

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Always Eco-friendly.

We’re all on this earth for a short time, and it’s our responsibility to leave it better than we found it for the next generations. Our ingredients and manufacturing process is zero-impact and eco-friendly so we can say we did our part to save this amazing planet we call home. 

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Be kind.

A motto we say a lot around here is “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” For us that means having a completely cruelty-free testing and manufacturing process. We would never hurt innocent living creatures, and know our customers feel the same way.

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Always put the customer first.

We want our customers to feel like family. Our aim is to do everything possible to make every purchase experience with Eczema Bye Bye seamless, pleasant, and enjoyable. If you walk away thinking, “That was easy!”, then we’ve done our job!

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